About tickets


The festival shows will last from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. The festival’s film locations are the Cinema House, Kinopanorama cinema and the Kyiv cinema. 


Entry to the morning shows (before 3 p.m.) at these locations is free. After 3 p.m. is allowed only if you have a ticket. The ticket price of 20 UAH for screenings at the Cinema House and Kinopanorama remains unchanged. Ticket price for screenings at Kyiv cinema is 40 UAH.


The ticket allows you to take any unoccupied place in the audience, except for the ones reserved by the festival. One ticket can be used only by one spectator to visit one show.

Entry to all of the events of DOCU/CLASS is free.

Entry to the human rights program, the photo exhibition and the Living Library is free. Registration is required to participate in some events, which is separately indicated in the program.

Entry to the opening and closing ceremonies is possible only with festival invitations.



Tickets can be bought at the festival ticket windows and online. Sales of tickets to each show end 10 minutes before the show starts.


Festival ticket windows:

Cinema House: 6 Saksahanskoho str., 1st floor (24-30 March from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., 30.03 - until 9 p.m.)

Kinopanorama: 19 Shota Rustaveli str. (17-30 March from 12 a.m. until 10 p.m., 30.03 - until 9 p.m.)

Kyiv cinema: 19 Velyka Vasylkivska str. (17-30 March from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., 30.03 - until 9 p.m.)

Online sale for all locations at www.docudays.org.ua


Note that you can buy only a regular ticket online. Free tickets by subscription, accreditation or exemption can only be bought at the festival ticket windows.


Please note that only some of the general number of tickets are sold online. Tickets can also be bought directly before the show from the ticket window, if there are any spares left.





Pensioners, students, schoolchildren, participants and veterans of the Antiterrorist Operation are eligible to receive a free ticket in the festival ticket windows upon presenting a relevant ID. Every person covered by the exemption can only receive one ticket for any one show. It is impossible to take tickets to simultaneous shows. The free ticket is valid only upon presenting a relevant ID to the controller at the entrance to the cinema hall.




Some evening shows (after 3 p.m.) are free for all categories of visitors (this information is specified in the program). In order to attend such a show, it is necessary to obtain a free ticket, at the festival ticket desk or online. One spectator can receive only one ticket for any such show.


Traditionally, the last day of the festival is the audience day, when the winning films are shown in the Red Hall of the Cinema House. On this day, entry is free to all the shows. No tickets are required.




Festival passes are available for the viewers who are planning to spend maximum of their time at the festival. The passes are valid only for screenings after 3 PM. They are invalid for other events of the festival that require additional registration. The price of a festival pass is 400 UAH. You can buy the festival pass online or at the box office the House of Cinema.


From the 24th of March onwards, subscription passes will also be available in the festival ticket office at the Cinema House.


The subscription does not guarantee free places at every show. It allows you to see more films for a lower price. In any case, a subscriber has to obtain tickets for every show (except for the morning ones) at the festival ticket desks. Subscribers can receive tickets free of charge. The ticket is valid only upon presenting the subscription certificate to the controller at the entrance to the cinema hall.

Note that the subscription allows you to obtain no more than one ticket to one show. The tickets are issued at the ticket desks on the day before the show or on the day of the show (but not earlier). It is impossible to obtain tickets to simultaneous shows.


If a subscription certificate is lost, it cannot be renewed.


Invited guests, participants and partners of the festival automatically receive festival accreditation. To learn about the details and conditions of media accreditation please see (http://docudays.org.ua/accreditation/).


Accredited guests, participants, media representatives and partners of the festival can receive a free ticket at the festival ticket windows if they present a festival badge. This can be done the day before (but not earlier) or on the day of the show. No more than one ticket can be obtained for any one show. It is impossible to obtain tickets to simultaneous shows. A ticket is valid upon presenting a festival badge to the controller at the entrance to the cinema hall.

All the festival badges are personalized and cannot be handed over to third persons. If another person’s name badge is used, it will be confiscated by the administration or the festival’s security service. In such case, it is impossible to renew the badge.

In case a badge is lost, it can be issued again at the accreditation service upon presenting an ID.





Please take your place in the audience 10 minutes before a show starts. If you are late to a show, the festival’s workers are authorized to deny you access to the show.


Last-minute acсess is a chance for festival badge owners and subscribers who do not have tickets to take unoccupied places if there are any available. Lining up for entry to the cinema hall starts when a festival worker announces it, after the show starts. There is a pointer to the place where the line must be formed next to every hall entrance.


The festival’s organizational committee reserves the right to cancel a ticket without explanation, if its owner violates the festival’s rules, or their behavior threatens to damage the property of a cinema, is offensive and unacceptable to the audience, the festival workers and the cinema.


Photo and video recording unsanctioned by the festival organizational committee is strictly prohibited.


These rules apply to all festival locations.


March 2018
month till the start of the festival

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