Together with the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of OPPOSE OTHERING! Docudays UA also joined to support the project.


Young filmmakers paired in bilateral tandems from Germany and Central and Eastern Europe will set off together on a journey. Their central objectives: to use the means of cinema to investigate exclusionary attitudes towards individuals of different social, religious, cultural, ethnic and sexual orientation/gender backgrounds or identities and to present portraits of individuals and projects that are working to promote solidarity, civil courage and resistance to discrimination.


The term “othering” refers to the denigration of supposed “others” by a group that defines itself as an “us” in contrast to a “them”. Classic examples of othering include anti-Semitism, antiziganism, homophobia and misogyny, although OPPOSE OTHERING! will also aim to treat other less familiar forms of focussed misanthropy directed at groups.


OPPOSE OTHERING! combines a filmmaking ethos committed to human rights with travel, training and the building of networks.


In the scope of an intensive workshop during goEast Film Festival, ten filmmaking tandems will meet up to develop their project ideas together and present them to an expert jury in a pitching session on the final day of the programme. Experienced filmmakers and scholars will accompany the development process and provide advice and insight.


Five out of ten nominated tandems will be awarded with production grants at the goEast award ceremony. The five duo teams selected as finalists will each receive a production budget of 4,000 euros to realise their films. They will be able to choose between creating a short film or video clip together or shooting two separate pieces. The choice of genres or cinematic forms is entirely up to the teams themselves.


The completed films are to be presented at goEast 2018 and made available to the public on the project website. A further important component of the project is the OPPOSE OTHERING! network, which brings together partner festivals and practitioners of human rights advocacy work and provide them with greater visibility.




OPPOSE OTHERING! is intended for students and young graduates of film direction courses from Germany and Central and Eastern Europe between the ages of 18 and 35. Co-directing tandems composed of either one up-and-coming filmmaker from Germany and another from Eastern Europe or two young filmmakers from two separate countries in Eastern Europe who wish to realise a project idea together are both eligible to apply. In addition, individuals may also apply on their own: goEast will work to match compatible applicants with one another in the run-up to the festival. As English will serve as the common language for communication at OPPOSE OTHERING!, sufficient practical knowledge of the language is an essential prerequisite.




1. the completed application form

2. CV and filmography

3. description of the project idea

4. a reference film on DVD or via web link


The application form and additional information you can find on the website of this project.




The application deadline is January 31st 2017 (postmark date or date of email). On the basis of the application materials, an independent selection committee will nominate ten directorial tandems, who will be invited to attend the 17th edition of goEast Film Festival (April 27th – May 2nd 2017). The selection of the five pairs of finalists will be made by an expert jury in the scope of the festival. goEast will cover travel expenses to the festival, accommodation and meals.

March 2018
months to the submission closing

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